our mission hearth and mind

We provide and promote homes for people with mental health problems in which they can feel safe and secure as tenants.

Amongst the most disadvantaged groups in our society are people with a mental health disability. They frequently have accommodation grossly unsuited to their needs. Inadequate and unstable housing situations inhibit recovery and all too often lead to homelessness, also contributing to rehospitalisation and to to-day’s scourge of suicide. Through no fault of their own and because of ill-founded social stigma they form a large part of that body of people homeless on our streets.

Our aim is to help those with a mental health disability by making homes available that provide security of tenure and confer a capacity for independent, fulfilling lives. The location of our properties is very carefully chosen by reference to the needs of the tenants. They are near amenities and part of a community. We ensure that houses are bright, airy and reasonably spacious in order to favour recovery and help maintain good mental health.

As a mental health charity, we also work to encourage others such as Government and Local Authorities to place people with mental health problems in accommodation that is suitable for them and conducive to sustained recovery. Rents paid by our tenants together with Voluntary Donations and Grants received are retained for property maintenance and further acquisition.

Hearth and Mind Housing
Hearth and Mind CLG is a ‘not for profit’ voluntary organisation, a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. the current Directors of which are:

Mr. F. Browne; Ms B.Davis: Ms J. Huet; Mr. B Madden;
Rev. D.J. O’Mahony: Dr. D.Murray; Mr. Brendan Murray; Mr. J.Whelan

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