OAR Irish Charity

Occupation    Accommodation    Recognition

The acronym OAR focuses on the basic needs of the human being.


Occupation, preferably in gainful employment, that uses and develops the skills and training of the person and satisfies their intellectual capacity
Accommodation, not just shelter but a home providing security in a good environment.
Recognition of the person involves respect for their dignity and their needs including that of interaction with others through integration in our society.

Think of the boat as carrying us on its journey across the sea of life and the oar as the essential tool for the trip. Think of the storm as the ‘downs’ of life. If the elements of need that make up the oar are not satisfied, life and even survival is likely to be very difficult indeed for our boat. Applied to people with a mental health disability these basic needs are more acutely relevant to their very survival. Finding some form of Occupation becomes a little easier when we at Hearth and Mind Accommodate them in a home of their own. Recognition, understanding and respect by society in general can also spring from that.

Keeping all the elements of the OAR intact is essential if life’s journey is not to end prematurely.

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  • 5 houses at present (many more needed)
  • 21 people have made their permanent homes (on a house-share basis)
  • Living independently in their own homes
  • Currently efforts directed at ‘one-person-households’-  greatest need at present
  • Property developed as a high quality environment and in locations selected to meet their particular needs and conducive to sustained recovery
  • Every tenant has his/her own private bedroom and where possible bathroom.
  • Rents at maximum benefit to our tenants
  • Donations, Grants and Rent surpluses, enable purchase of more houses
  • In 13 years just one of our tenants has returned to hospital (and that only temporary)
  • We act as benevolent landlords not interfering with our tenants’ lives.
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